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Best family cars 2022

The best family cars have to be spacious enough to fit you, your other half, the kids and everyone’s luggage. It’s also got to be stylish enough for you to want to buy it and offer a level of technology that fits in with your lifestyle. You’ll want decent performance – without high running costs. Toughest of all – it needs to tick all these boxes, yet still offer great value. Thankfully, you’ll find this list offers a variety of different cars that deliver all of the above.

Best large family cars

If you're running out of space in your family hatchback, or just need extra rear legroom to stop the kids kicking the back of your seat, you’re going to need a bigger car. Just because the cars on this list are large doesn’t mean they have to break the bank - all provide great value for money.

Best small family cars

The cars in the list below are all practical, comfortable to drive, should be economical and big enough to fit your family, without them rattling around like a few peas in a warehouse. In short, these are the carwow best small family cars.

Safest family cars

Nothing is as important as keeping your loved ones safe when you drive. According to Euro NCAP, the following are small and large family cars that have scored particularly well in the area of child occupant protection.

Economical family cars

The cars in this list are all hybrid cars – so you should get good fuel economy. But just as important is that they are comfortable and spacious too.

Fastest Family Cars

You want a family car that has the practicality you need, but does it have to be that sensible too? Here, our experts pick out exciting, fast family cars for you to consider.

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More advice and helpful facts about family cars

Frequently asked questions about family cars

The short answer is a family car is one that is ideal for a growing family. But over the years, what constitutes as ‘ideal’ for a family has changed as people’s tastes change, trends move on and as cars develop.

Traditionally a family car was epitomised by the likes of the Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen Passat – big engine in the front, big boot in the back and enough room for four or five in the middle.

While those cars are still popular – though perhaps more popular with fleet buyers rather than families – other types of car are now considered under the banner of ‘family cars’. SUV cars are aimed squarely at families as they are practical, stylish and, well, a bit more modern. Families love the raised driving position and most of them come with the latest tech buyers desire.

And then there are estate cars. From the cheap to the plush, some families just want the car with a big boot to help transport their stuf

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