Vauxhall Mokka-e review

The Vauxhall Mokka-e is a stylish electric crossover that looks great and is good to drive, but it’s pricier than petrol-powered models.

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What's good

  • Looks much better than the old car
  • Decent interior quality
  • Respectable 201-mile range

What's not so good

  • Cramped rear seats
  • Alternatives trump it for boot space
  • Infotainment not the sharpest

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Is the Vauxhall Mokka-e a good car?

Like one of those transformation shows, where someone miraculously changes from grim to glam, rough to rugged, so the new Vauxhall Mokka has morphed from dull to dashing, and the all-new electric Mokka-e might well be one of the most exciting small SUVs coming this year.

For a start, just look at it… You’d never believe it was made by the same company that produced the previous, rather forgettable-looking Mokka. That bluff front end with its super-slim headlights looks great and the wide intakes and angular chrome bumper trims make it one of the most eye-catching small SUVs around.

It’s not just a pretty face, though. The two-tone bodywork and chrome strip running over the roof make sure that the new Mokka-e doesn’t just look like a hatchback that’s been jacked up and given a set of big alloy wheels. It’s the same story ’round the back with a set of cool-looking down-turned pillars beside the windscreen and new flatter brake lights like the ones you’ll see on the latest Astra.

The old Vauxhall Mokka’s interior was neatly organised, but a bit dull. The new car’s cabin is going much more upmarket thanks to an infotainment system inspired by the dual-screen setup you get in the newest Mercedes models.

Sure, Vauxhall’s system doesn’t quite link the central touchscreen with the driver’s display quite as seamlessly as in a Mercedes, but it certainly has the likes of the Renault Captur, VW T-Roc and Skoda Kamiq licked. The range-topper will have a 12-inch driver’s display and a 10-inch central touchscreen.

As in almost all new cars, you’ll be able to get the Vauxhall Mokka-e with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring so you can use your phone’s navigation and media-streaming apps through the car’s built-in screens.

The new Vauxhall Mokka-e is 12.5cm shorter than the old Mokka X, so you’d expect it to be more cramped inside. Not so, because Vauxhall’s actually made the new model 10mm wider and pushed its front and rear wheels apart by 2mm, so there’s actually a smidge more passenger space inside than before.

The Mokka-e looks almost identical to the standard car, but it has the petrol-powered Mokka licked in almost every area – besides price…

Mat Watson
Mat Watson
carwow expert

Less simple is carrying a few lofty adults in the back seats. Three kids have space to stretch out but tall adults will be left wondering if you secretly hate them after a few hours cooped up in the Mokka-e’s snug rear seats.

The same goes for the boot. It’s larger than a Corsa-e’s but quite a bit smaller than the load bays you get in a Peugeot e-2008 or a Kia e-Niro.

You probably won’t be using your Mokka-e to cart old furniture to the tip, though, right? More likely you’ll be popping to the shops or ticking off the school run – both things this electric crossover does well.

Parallel parking isn’t the easiest, though, and it isn’t exactly ‘fun’, but the Mokka-e comes with a respectable 201 miles of claimed range.

It’s easy to drive in town, very quiet and more comfortable than the conventional Mokka over most bumps.

If that sounds like the sort of driving you do regularly, and you have somewhere to charge it overnight, the Mokka-e is the pick of the Mokka range.

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Vauxhall Mokka-e range and charging

The Vauxhall Mokka-e comes with a 50kWh battery and a 136hp electric motor that drives the front wheels. It’ll accelerate from 0-60mph in less than 8.7 seconds, which is plenty nippy enough for a small family crossover.

The Mokka-e has a claimed range of 201 miles. That’s some way short of the Kia e-Niro’s 282-mile claimed range but broadly matches the Peugeot e-2008’s 206-mile claimed range.

You shouldn’t have too much difficulty matching this claimed range if you do plenty of town driving, but motorway journeys will sap power from the Mokka-e’s battery more quickly.

The fastest way to recharge the Vauxhall Mokka-e is using a 100kW public fast charger. Find one of these and you can boost its batteries from empty to 80% full in around half an hour.

A slower 50kW public charger will take around 50 minutes to charge your batteries from 0% to 80%, while a household plug socket will take more than 20 hours to give your Mokka-e a full charge from empty

How practical is it?

Decent space in the front, but the back seats are rather cramped and alternatives have roomier boots.

Boot (seats up)
310 litres
Boot (seats down)
1,060 litres

There’s plenty of space in the Vauxhall Mokka-e’s front seats, and there’s a decent amount of adjustment in the seats so you can find a comfortable driving position whether you’re small or very tall.

Unfortunately, things are much more snug in the back seats. A six-foot-tall passenger won’t have much headroom to spare and their knees will touch the back of the front seat if the driver is equally lofty.

The central seat is a tighter squeeze still – for adults, at least. Three kids will have plenty of space to stretch out, but they won’t get a particularly good view out through the Mokka-e’s fairly small rear windows.

The Vauxhall Mokka-e has a few handy cubby holes. The front-door bins are deep and roomy enough to hold a large bottle, but they don’t have a soft felt lining so anything you store there will rattle about as you drive along.

There’s a small space under the central armrest big enough to hold a drinks can, but the glovebox is very small. You do get a handy tray for your phone under the dashboard, where you’ll also find a USB port to plug in a charging cable.

There are two more USB ports between the front seats for passengers in the back to use, too. The rear-door bins are much smaller than those in the front, though.

The Vauxhall Mokka-e’s 350-litre boot is the same size as the loadbay in the petrol-powered Mokka. The similar-sized Peugeot e-2008 has a bigger 434-litre boot, however, and the Kia e-Niro can carry 451 litres of family odds-and-sods.

At least the Mokka-e’s boot opening is wide and square, so it’s pretty easy to pack with bulky luggage. And, you can get an adjustable boot floor to give the Mokka-e an almost-flat load area when you flip the back seats down (which you can do in a two-way 60:40 split.)

Unfortunately, the button to open the boot is way down by the car’s number plate. This means it’s tricky to reach (especially when you’re carrying heavy luggage) and it gets covered in grime pretty quickly.

What's it like to drive?

It’s easy to drive and relaxing to cruise in, but visibility while parking isn’t great and you’d never describe it as ‘fun to drive.’

The Vauxhall Mokka-e comes with just one motor and battery option, but it’s a good one. You get a 50kWh battery and a 136hp motor that drives the front wheels.

This is the same system that powers the smaller Corsa-e hatchback, but the Mokka-e’s larger size means it isn’t quite as nippy as that car.

That said, its electric motor delivers a surprising burst of acceleration around town and the Mokka-e has more than enough poke to cruise comfortably at motorway speeds.

The Mokka-e is a very quiet car to drive. You’ll hear almost no noise from its electric motor and you’ll only notice a slight wind-whistle from the door mirrors at motorway speeds.

Don’t expect the Mokka-e to be particularly fun to drive, though. Besides the instant burst of acceleration you get from its electric motor, it never feels particularly sporty.

Does that matter? No, not really. The Mokka-e deals with bumps better than the standard petrol-powered Mokka and the high driving position gives you a better view out than in the smaller Corsa-e hatchback.

This means it’s pretty relaxing to drive in town, where the light steering requires very little effort as you manoeuvre through tight gaps. The Mokka-e’s small rear windscreen can make parallel parking slightly tricky, though.

What's it like inside?

Looks good inside and, for the most part, feels nice and solid. The infotainment system isn’t the easiest to use, however.

Vauxhall Mokka-e colours

Brilliant paint - White Jade
Metallic - Diamond black
From £600
Metallic - Quartz grey
From £600
Metallic - Voltaic blue
From £600
Premium metallic paint - Mamba green
From £700
Premium metallic paint - Power red
From £700
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