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Best SUVs 2022

Good SUVs really do it all. Not only do they tend to look a bit posher than their hatchback or saloon car equivalents, you get that classic raised driving position too. Then there’s the additional passenger and luggage space, and the fact that many come with four-wheel drive - which is always handy when the weather is grim. If you’re after a new SUV, here are some of our favourites currently on sale.

Best cheap SUVs

Great styling and great practicality all for a great price… Our experts have picked the best cheap SUVs.

Best electric SUV

Electric SUVs combine the best of all words - great fun to drive, practical interiors and are emissions free. Bookmark this page and come back regularly as more electric SUVs come on sale.

Best small SUVs

Sometimes called SUV-b cars, small SUVs have a go-anywhere image and a higher driving position that give them more appeal than a run-of-the-mill small car. The best small SUVs are practical, easy to drive with a great view out and come with reasonable running costs. Here are the 10 highest-rated SUVs...

Best 7-seater SUVs

Seven-seaters SUVs used to be the preserve of parents bestowed with many children, but more and more people are buying them for the extra space they offer over regular five-seater models, as well as for the prestige that comes with that extra size.

Best petrol SUVs

Choosing to drive an SUV doesn’t mean you have to settle for rumbly diesel engine. These are the best petrol SUVs available, with smooth engines that are better suited to town driving.

Best diesel SUVs

You want a great SUV? You want your great SUV to have a diesel engine? Great... you've come to the right place. Our experts have pulled the best diesel SUVs on sale today.

Fastest SUVs

These are the kind of cars you'll see at the Premiership training ground or cruising around Knightsbridge - the fastest SUVs on sale today.

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Frequently asked questions about SUVs

An SUV car typically has raised ground clearance making it look like a four-wheel drive car. People love the higher driving position and great view out you get in these type of cars. SUVs are generally fun to drive – that’s why Sports is in the title – but are practical for families too, with spacious interiors and decent-sized boots – which is why Utility is used in their name.

While an SUV car looks like a 4×4 they don’t necessarily have four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive systems can be heavy, making the cars not particularly fuel efficient. Many customers like the styling of SUV cars but don’t need a car with off-road capability. That’s why many modern SUV cars today have the option to have both two- and four-wheel drive. Indeed some SUVs are two-wheel drive only.

Today, SUVs are some of the most popular styles of cars you can buy.

SUV is an acronym that stands for Sports Utility Vehicle.

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